Reducing sharps injuries for the greater good

Azura Life combines safer syringes with comprehensive needlestick insurance.


Our mission is to eliminate unsafe needles. The needles we supply can only be used once, as no needle should ever be reused.


More than two million healthcare workers suffer from sharps injuries each year, risking exposure to infectious diseases



of Hepatitis B


of Hepatitis C



in healthcare workers around the world is due to needlestick injuries.

We have developed a system which drastically reduces sharps injuries, at no additional cost to healthcare providers, and is fully compliant with the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act (NSPA). We achieve this by:

Combining safer needles & cheaper insurance

By offering considerably cheaper insurance, we can subsidise the cost of safer needles which are typically more expensive. This provides healthcare workers with a safer work environment.

Driving down the manufacturing cost

Each new healthcare provider that joins Azura Life will use safer needles, helping to ensure they become the standard rather than the alternative. This will help drive down manufacturing costs.

Here's how we do it

To ensure safer needles become the standard, there are 3 key areas where Azura Life is focused. This not only benefits healthcare providers, but also those in the developing world.

01 Insurance

Current needlestick insurance premiums are expensive, as a result of unsafe devices. However safer syringes do not necessarily increase premiums, or involve additional administrative efforts.

02 Safer Needles

SecureGard© needles are single use only, using the same technique as existing needles. After injection, the needle safely retracts back into the barrel of the syringe.

03 Developing World

Needle reuse is rampant in the developing world, where needles are not only reused by healthcare providers, but are also sought out in medical waste to be sold back to local hospitals.


Caring for our world

Azura Life requires that healthcare providers using our needles are signed up to responsible waste schemes, where the entire chain from collection to destruction is completely traceable.


We pledge to dedicate 10% of the profits from each needle sale towards local campaigns and charity organizations in developing countries, who are also working towards a future without needle reuse.

Reducing sharps injuries

We’re raising money to significantly reduce sharps injuries, by making safer syringes the standard. Join the movement today by taking part in our Initial License Offering (ILO).

SafeGard Medical©

SafeGard Medical© has partnered with Azura Life to help minimise the risk of inadvertent needlestick injury.

After entering the disposable syringe market in 1995, in the early 2000s the company vision shifted towards sharps injury prevention. SecureGard©, SafeGard Medical’s flagship product, launched in 2003 as one of the first retractable needle syringe systems.

The syringes are easy to use and are validated, certified and registered with the latest ISO specifications, the CE mark, FDA compliance (since 1999), a Medical Device Licence Canada, as well as fully qualified for WHO/UNICEF procurements.